Sunday, April 24, 2016

Flores: Overland Adventure

Here comes to the last of my series of photos from our little adventure to Flores in 2014, I can't believe it is 1.5 years already since we have the trip. After spending several days in the sea of Komodo National Park, we finally returned ashore to the port of Labuan Bajo. From there we continued on buy car to reach Kelimutu Lake but stopping by several places along the road: Wae Rebo Village, Bena Village, and Kelimutu Lake.
One of the main highlights of this trip, and the main reason I went to Flores is the chance to visit Wae Rebo Village. I've been wanting to visit Wae Rebo since 2011 but the opportunity never come until 2014. Wae Rebo is a remote village located in a forest 8 hours drive from Labuan Bajo, we cannot directly go there by car. The closest we get to Wae Rebo by car is to Ruteng Village, from there we can reach Wae Rebo by walking for 3-5 hours, the trek itself is not difficult and quite easy to navigate although hiring a local guide is recommended as you'd need a guide to be introduced to the Wae Rebo chieftain. All visitors both Indonesians and Foreigners alike are required to be 'initiated' before spending the night in the village, the visitors then will spend the night in a building called 'Mbaru Niang'. The sights of the starry night and the glorious morning in the village is one sight to behold,not to mention the smiles of the villagers, the memory will last a lifetime!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Flores: End of Sailing Trip

Besides Komodo Island, Komodo Dragons can be found at Loh Buaya. It is located in Rinca Island on the other side of Kampung Rinca. We are luckier this time as we saw a lot more Komodos than in Komodo Island, we even saw the juvenile ones. People said this was probably the size of Rinca Island therefore the Komodo Population is quite denser. There were also short and long trekking routes available to get around the national park, we took the short one and it ends on a hill behind the outpost, we can see the outpost and the bay where we dock our ships.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Flores: The Kids of Rinca

Besides the spectacular landscape, Flores is also the land of some of the nicest people in Indonesia. My friend jokingly said that Flores is the land of the 'high fives', which to some extent I find that this were true, most of the people (especially kids) will raise their hand and try to give you a high five! During our island hopping trip we made a stop at Kampung Rinca, it is a small settlement located on Rinca Island. When we arrive on the settlement, we were greeted by a bunch of local kids. Some philanthropist established a school on this island - "Taman Bacaan Pelangi", where local children learn to read and study some elementary school lessons, it is also run by locals. We brought some books to add to their collection, you should bring some too when you visit the Island. The warm greetings given by the kids and the people of this island made a visit to Rinca an unforgettable experience.

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