Saturday, July 17, 2010

Caught in Traffic part 2

About three days ago, I went to Kota Tua to do some photoshoot with Nuri.
We were gonna shoot Renda, she is one of Nuri's friend from Surabaya.
As you all know, the traffic jam on the way there is awful.  I took us about 1+ hour from sudirman to kota, I'd imagine it would only took 20 minutes if the traffic wasn't so bad.  At that time, my camera was in the trunk, hence I was unable to take shots, but on our way back home, my camera was ready in my hand so here goes!
(Luckily this time I wasn't driving, so I snapped some even the traffic wasn't so bad)

This is one picture of "angkot" driver, looking at himself from the rearview mirror, he was stuck at the traffic lights that goes from red to green in about 200 seconds.

A man with a bored face because the "angkot" was waiting for more passengers.

I think he realized that I took his photo, but he doesn't mind though afterward.

This is the notoriusly awfully long waiting time traffic light.

I think the reflection in his helmet was cool, so I snapped this =D

I don't know why this man was sitting next to the crowded and full of vehicle fumes.

No comment on this, just ran out of objects to snap =P

A couple sporting to cross the street, have to hurry before the lights change!

Our kind driver, Mr. Pardi =D

That's all folks! I do certainly hope you are enjoying it, please do leave comments =)

I'll post the photos of the photoshoot when I have the time to edit them =P


  1. mantaaap potonya, sy sukaa bgt background blur dibelakangnya kereen!, hayuuu sy juga pngen nih poto2 lg sma kmu nd nurii, tpi nunggu di ajakin abis malu klo sy yang minte hehehe, hayuuuu yuuk kita poto2 lg, tpi udh beres kkn :)

  2. Mas, you should take the busway; my trip to Kota only took 40 minutes ;)


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