Monday, February 21, 2011

The Upstairs at IUGC 2011

The Upstairs is a band from my high school times.  So it's quite nostalgic to shoot and watch their performance, haha. They are performing at my campus, ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) for the closing of IUGC. An event held by geophysics student. The lighting was quite good, so I have no trouble shooting.

The Upstairs @ IUGC (20 of 20)

Their frontman is Jimi Multhazam, he act like a standup comedian when he's on stage. The crowd laughs when he told his jokes. The Upstairs deliver an amazing performance and completely made my night!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shopping Monk

These photos are taken during my recent trip to Surin, Thailand.  I took the shots when I visit the local market, near the border to Cambodia.
When I think of monk, I think of people who live in seclusion, far away from civilization, praying in the mountains (they do, actually).  But what I see here is a group of monks, shopping for merchandise, and supplies for their temple.
I find them to be very shy actually, especially the older ones. When I raise my camera, they turn their heads away shyly and sometimes I can see they're upset from their expressions. It's quite difficult to take their candid shots.
I was quite afraid to take their photo actually, afraid they would curse me or something. So, at first I took some shots from behind.


I always at the wrong position to take the shot, but eventually I find a good one, patiently waiting
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