Friday, March 25, 2011

Sondre Lerche at Java Jazz 2011

Sondre Lerche-7

Java Jazz festival is the biggest Jazz Festival in South-East Asia and perhaps it is the biggest in Asia too.  The is an annual event and this year it is held at 4-6 March.  Even though Sondre's music is not jazz, I guess the organizers invited him to attract younger audiences.  They are right, because the venue for his performance is full (it's even overloaded), the seats are full and there are a lot of people standing to watch him.  I have to get there one hour before his performance, the gates are not even opened yet but a lot of people are already standing by to get the front row.  When the gates were opened, I ran as fast as I could to the front of the stage.  I ended up kneeling right below the stage, 5 feet from him, haha.  The stage is not too high (about 3 ft) and no barricades. 

He was alone at the stage, without his band, but he gave a fantastic performance that hypnotizes the whole audience.  I get the shiver when he sing "Say it All", all of the people in the venue sing along with him.  I think his live performance is more attractive than his albums, it's less 'experimental'.  So here it is,  Sondre Lerche's Photos.

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