Friday, March 25, 2011

Sondre Lerche at Java Jazz 2011

Sondre Lerche-7

Java Jazz festival is the biggest Jazz Festival in South-East Asia and perhaps it is the biggest in Asia too.  The is an annual event and this year it is held at 4-6 March.  Even though Sondre's music is not jazz, I guess the organizers invited him to attract younger audiences.  They are right, because the venue for his performance is full (it's even overloaded), the seats are full and there are a lot of people standing to watch him.  I have to get there one hour before his performance, the gates are not even opened yet but a lot of people are already standing by to get the front row.  When the gates were opened, I ran as fast as I could to the front of the stage.  I ended up kneeling right below the stage, 5 feet from him, haha.  The stage is not too high (about 3 ft) and no barricades. 

He was alone at the stage, without his band, but he gave a fantastic performance that hypnotizes the whole audience.  I get the shiver when he sing "Say it All", all of the people in the venue sing along with him.  I think his live performance is more attractive than his albums, it's less 'experimental'.  So here it is,  Sondre Lerche's Photos.

Sondre Lerche-14

Sondre Lerche-11

Sondre Lerche-3

Sondre Lerche-20

Photographer's Note :

The photos are shot from quite the same position.  I can barely move because how full the venue was.  It's hard to get creative when movement is very limited.  The lighting was not too good, there were not much variety, it was blue pretty much the whole show.  But at least it's quite bright (but tricky), I could get 1/250 at ISO 1600 and f2.8.  That gives good exposure on his face but it is not enough for the ambient light.  So I have to get the middle ground, by slightly overexposing his face so I could get some of the ambient light.

You could see more of Sondre's photos at my flickr photostream.

Gear used :
Canon 5D
24-70 f2.8
70-200 f2.8

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