Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kegou Footwear Photosession


My friend established a new shoe brand for men, Kegou footwear. He asked for my assistance to make a lookbook-ish photos of his products. This session took place in SCBD, it's quite hard to do photo shoot properly if you're playing cat and mouse with the authorities, since taking photos in SCBD is prohibited. 
Even though we were standing on public space, it just doesn't make sense you know.  If I have bad intentions I wouldn't use a huge camera to gather information, maybe I'll use small hidden spy cameras.


In order to keep us from being harassed by the security, we have to keep moving to find another spot.  The above photos was taken in front of some building next to Pacific Place mall.  We only have several minutes to complete the shoot before someone approaches us to tell us that it is prohibited to take photos here and it needs a special permit issued by bureaucrats in uniforms.  Luckily, security told us to go away politely.


After several shoes, we decided to move to another location.  Taman Menteng was chosen because it's 'photo friendly'.



I just wish people stop being paranoid, not all people with cameras are bad!

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