Thursday, November 10, 2011

Behind The Scenes : Malca Photoshoot

@sasyachi and @destarissa

In the last post I told you how I got stuck again in the traffic on my way from Kota Tua to Epicentrum.  I told you I did a photoshoot in Kota Tua, I'm not the main photographer actually, I shot behind the scenes.  Because that's what I'd like in
photography, document things.  We were doing a photoshoot for Malca, a fashion line created by two of my friends.  Well I'm not in the position to comment or write anything about fashion since it's not my field of expertise, but I think their line is about the mix of traditional Indonesian with contemporary design or maybe I'll just show you the photos.

@destarissa prepping for the photoshoot

having fun!
left to right : @fnntassa @widiantipratiwi @tessahanindya @neonomora @destarissa

@neonomora - photographer

@fnntassa - designer

Mostly I'm not a fashion photographer since I have trouble posing the models and high fashion like these are definitely not my playing grounds.

@sasyachi and @destarissa

Maybe I'll just stick to taking concert photos.

Thank you very much @fnntassa and @widiantipratiwi for letting me crash your photoshoot, good luck with Malca.  I had a lot of fun! Cheers!

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  1. I think you can be a fashion photographer, sering latihan ayo semangaat. keliatannya kota tua bagus bgt buat di jadiin tempat poto, itu di daerah mana ? :D

    good luck for thesis too!


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