Monday, December 12, 2011

Polar Deer : Behind The Scenes

Polar Deer-22
Damian - Rara - Ai - Tania - Dali

About a week ago Tassa told me that Rara were going to shoot a video campaign for her newly founded clothing brand Polar Deer.  Since I have nothing to do on Saturday, I asked whether I could join Rara and shoot some behind the scenes shots.  I asked Rara and she said yes!  Firstly, Polar Deer is a clothing line focusing on hats, but then they decided to add some hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets.

The shoot took place in Cikole, Lembang. It is located north of Bandung city about 30 minutes drive if the traffic is friendly.  We rendezvous at ITB at 8 AM and we arrived at the scene at about 9 AM.  When we approached the gate, the guard asked us what are we going to do, as an honest person, we told the guard we were going to do a photoshoot.  Then the guards told us that photoshoot "fee" is Rp 300.000, yes people three hundred thousand rupiahs.  Quite steep for a public place I'd say, whereas you could do photoshoot for free on weekdays.  After a stiff negotiation the guards lowered the price to Rp 250.000, we agreed on one condition, we were going to pay only if they give us an official receipt.

Finally we can begin the session, the models were Damian, Dali, Tania, Ai, and Rara; Herald was the videographer.  This is my first time working with these people, and they're awesome! we made a great team together and had a lot of fun!

Polar Deer-3

Polar Deer-5

Polar Deer-6

Polar Deer-2

The light was good actually, the sky was cloudy and we were under the foliage.  But the sun is shining through occasionally.

Polar Deer-8

Polar Deer-7

Polar Deer-9

Polar Deer-10

Polar Deer-13

Polar Deer-14

Polar Deer-16

Polar Deer-18

Polar Deer-21

Polar Deer-19

Be sure to check out Polar Deer's facebook page and follow their twitter.  The official launch date is 25th of December.  I hope the best for you guys, cheers!

View the rest of the series on my photostream

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