Thursday, March 15, 2012

Architecture In Helsinki at Fairgrounds

Architecture In Helsinki

On Saturday, March 10th 2012 Architecture In Helsinki held their concert in Jakarta.  Jakarta was the last city on their Asian tour entitled Moment Bends.  The promoters who brought them here was Beyond Productions.  The concert was held at Fairgrounds ex Bengkel Night Park in SCBD area, South Jakarta.  Architecture In Helsinki is an indie pop group from Australia, although some of you might think they are from Finland (Helsinki is the capital of Finland in case some of you doesn't know).  The members of the five person band are Cameron Bird (lead vocal and guitar), Jamie Mildren (synthesizer and vocal), Sam Perry (bass and vocal), Kellie Sutherland (keyboard and vocal), and Gus Franklin (drums and vocal).  The members can play multiple instruments, so sometimes they exchange roles.  Hit the break for the complete set of photos!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bottlesmoker at Fairgrounds Jakarta


A few days ago I got the chance to cover Architecture In Helsinki's concert held at Fairgrounds in Jakarta.  The opening act for the night was Bottlesmoker, they are electronic duo from Bandung, Angkuy and Nobi.  This is my first time also to shoot here at Fairgrounds, it used to be called Bengkel Night Park, but they didn't remove the "bengkel" blue neon from here.  The situation wasn't very ideal, the stage was quite high about 170cm and the lighting was just enough, but I think the lighting suits Bottlesmoker's music pretty well, it brings the mood.  See the full set after the break.
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