Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Java Soulnation Festival 2011

To celebrate this year's Soulnation festival, I've decided to post some photos from the same event last year. This time, I'm going to post some photos of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's performance during the festival. Sophie is an English-born singer, songwriter, model, and DJ. Her music is a mixture of pop, disco, and electronic music. On this occasion, she performed several songs such as “Dial My Number”, “Bittersweet”, “Take Me Home”, “Me and My Imagination”, “Today the Sun’s On Us”, “What Have We Started”, “Starlight”, “Murder On The Dance Floor”, “Revolution” and “Can’t Fight”, “Not Giving Up On Love”, “Get Over You”, and finally “Heartbreak”. Overall, she gave a wonderful performance, made the audiences sing along and enjoyed themselves. So, here are the photos, enjoy!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
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