Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scissor Sisters at Java Soulnation Festival 2012

The highlight of the second day of Java Soulnation Festival 2012 was Scissor Sisters. They are an American electro-pop-disco band formed in 2001. The band comprised of several members : Jake Shears and Ana Matronic as vocalists, Babydaddy, Del Marquis, and Randy Real. The name "Scissor Sisters" came from a sexual position between two women. Although formed in the USA, the band gained prominence mainly in the UK. Their debut album "Scissor Sisters" was the best selling album of 2004 in UK and the band received three BRIT Awards in 2005. During their show in Jakarta, they performed several songs such as Any Which Way, Keep Your Shoes, Baby Come Home, Let's Have a Kiki, Skin This Cat, Invisible Light, Shady Love, and I don't Feel Like Dancin'. So, here are the photos from their performance, enjoy!

Scissor Sisters

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Color Me Badd at Java Soulnation Festival 2012

This year's Java Soulnation Festival was held at September 28th until Semptember 20th. On the first day, one of the groups that performed there was "Color Me Badd". It is an American R&B vocal group formed in Oklahoma City in the late 80's. The original members of the group were Bryan Abrams, Mark Calderon, Sam Watters, and Kevin Thornton. But, in the year 2000 the group was disbanded and then re-united again in 2010. That year the band re-emerged as a duo composed of Bryan Abrams and Mark Calderon. Later that year Kevin Thornton also re-united with the group. The three has been touring since. On this occasion, Color Me Badd performed some of their hit singles such as "All 4 Love", "Time and Change", "I Adore Mi Amor", "Forever Love", "Close To Heaven", and "I Wanna Sex You Up". Here are some of the photos I took during their performance, enjoy! (pardon the reds)

Color Me Badd
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