Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ngayogjazz: Brayut

This series of photos are taken during Ngayogjazz 2012, the day before, opening ceremony, and up to the end of the festival. Ngayogjazz is an annual event and this year it was held at Brayut Village on the outskirts of Yogyakarta on central part of Java Island, Indonesia. The concept of the festival was to bring "Jazz" music to the people, thus was held in a village, the purpose is to break the exclusivity that many people are stereotyping Jazz is a music for the upper class.

Brayut is a village in Sleman, a city just north of Yogyakarta. This village is one of the many tourist villages around Sleman, and the village is managed by a committee to cater for foreign and domestic tourists looking for a taste of Indonesian village life. Tourists can learn to dance, play karawitan (gamelan), learn to make batik clothes, and tourists could also learn how to farm the traditional way. It provides an alternative to the ever popular destinations such as Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, although this kind of tourism hasn't got plenty attention when compared to those two. 

My stay at Brayut lasted for two days, the first day was spent looking for a place to stay and do some random strolling around the village, I was there to cover an event after all so I need to get the hang of the place. I stayed at one of the locals house and the rate was very traveler friendly, it cost me roughly 4 USD for the night. The second day was the main event, the opening ceremonies was quite interesting, the festival committee presented us with a traditional 'dance': Jathilan. The dancers rode a bamboo horse in a trance state accompanied with gamelan music and traditional Javanese singing, they fight each other and eventually all of them passed out. The festival committee also presented us with a parade of traditional Javanese infantry. 

Here are the photos from those two days.

Day One

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