Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Climb, Mt. Gede

I was a little intrigued after hearing stories from one of my friend who've just recently climbed Rinjani Mountain in Lombok, I wouldn't say I have travelled that much but I think it is time for me to try something different. Luckily, that same person invited me to join her friends to climb Mt. Gede over the weekend. To share some background, Mt. Gede is located in three cities; Sukabumi, Bogor, and Cianjur and it peaked at 2,958 meters above sea level. It took just a couple of hours drive to the south of Jakarta in mild traffic to Gunung Putri outpost where we started our climb.

As this is my first time to take my camera to the great outdoors and taking into account I'm also an amateur climber, I've struggled with the decision which kit to bring for this journey and how to carry it practically. Decision has to be made and finally I choose 35mm paired with my trusty 5D, carried using one of Lowepro's Toploader strapped to my backpack using ThinkTank's backpack connecting kit so the Toploader hanged in front of my chest. I choose this carrying option because I want fast and easy access to my camera, although on the downside it looked a little bit silly! (but whatever).

Our little journey began when we left our office at 5 pm, we've made several stops to pick up rented equipments and to pick one of our friend up. Finally we set off at 9 pm towards our meeting point in Cipanas area. After wading through Jakarta's horrendous traffic on Friday night, finally we've arrived at our meeting point on 00.30 am. I was estimating it would took longer but I think we were quite lucky, the traffic on the highway to Bogor and Puncak area is not so bad hence we've made it in 3.5 hours. We reached our lodging at 2 am because we have to wait for others at the meeting point.

Not rested enough and not having breakfast (a mistake I won't make again), we set off from Gunung Putri outpost at 6 am to Suryakencana Meadow where we will break camp. The night at Suryakencana can be quite cold for the tropical person, it may reach below zero degree celsius and was proven by the frozen condensation found the next morning around our camp. Even though Mt. Pangrango situated just adjacent to Mt. Gede, we didn't went there as It would took longer and some of us has to get back to the office the next day. All in all in my opinion Mt. Gede is a good exercise for a beginner like me in mountain climbing. Here are the photos taken from our little trip to climb Mt. Gede.

Mt. Gede

Thursday, September 4, 2014

White Shoes and The Couples Company at Amild Acreate 2014

WSATCC at Acreate

This set was taken during WSATCC performance at Amild Acreate in Istora Senayan, Jakarta. The stage was very low and there were no barricades so it's very difficult to move around. Despite all that it feels nice to be able to shoot concert again!

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