Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Flores: Welcome To Labuanbajo

Flores is one of the gem located in the eastern part of Indonesia, to be precise it is located in East Nusa Tenggara province. White beaches and ancient villages are scattered across the island, you may find many diving and snorkelling hotspots around Flores. One of the most notable spot is in Komodo National Park (more on that later) where also the world's biggest lizard lives.

Our journey in and around the island took one week which consisted of sea and overland trip. We spent three days on a boat to visit several islands and then continue our journey by car to Wae Rebo, Bena Village, and finally Mt Kelimutu, it took four days by car to reach Kelimutu from Labuanbajo including one night stop at Wae Rebo and Bajawa. There are multiple ways to get to Flores, some of my friends decidedly took the more adventurous method which consisted of a train ride from Jakarta to Jogja then several bus and ferry rides before they reach Labuanbajo, it took them several days. I took direct flight to Bali from Jakarta and then continue on another flight to Labuanbanjo.

There will be several posts for this series due to the large number photos involved, please do come back!

Labuanbajo Harbor

My friends arrived earlier than me, they've visited several places in Labuanbajo and then stayed at Bajo View Motel near the harbor. The motel doesn't have any rooms, instead they have this tent where you can rent for IDR 85,000 (USD 7) per person per night. It is HOT during the day but my friends said it is quite comfy in the evening.


Upon my arrival at the airport, I was picked up by our driver to pick up my friends at Bajo View and then we went straight to the harbor to meet the captain and begin our living-a-board island hopping trip around Komodo National Park.


And so it is, the beginning of our great adventure!

To be continued...

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