Thursday, August 13, 2015

Flores: Magnificent Padar

Padar is the third largest island in Komodo National Park, the island is uninhabited although our captain said there should be one or two rangers who live there although as far as I can see there are no manmade structures on the island, perhaps they live on the other side of the island. Komodos are sadly no longer present due to illegal hunting activities by humans.

After our encounter with the Komodo at Komodo Island, we sailed on to Padar Island where we will spend the night there. We reached the island several hours before sunset, the island doesn't have any docks whatsoever so our ship has to drop anchor several metres from the beach and we have to get ourselves wet to get ashore. Some of us decided to go explore barefooted (a decision we all regret several minutes later) because the captain said the trek was easy. As it turns out the trek was full of small sharp rocks, it was like walking on top of lego bricks. Even though the terrain was like that the captain still ran all the way to the top of the hill. Apparently our captain has developed a thick skinned foot as he claimed he rarely wears any footwear in his entire life! No wonder he claimed the trek was easy, for him at least not for us city dwellers.

After a long and treacherous path we finally made it to the top of the hill and oh boy the view was one of the most magnificent I have seen in my entire life.


After basking ourselves in that glorious view, we climbed down and it was much much more painful than the climb. This is due to that it was pitch black and we only carry minimal flashlight so we couldn't really see where or what we are stepping.

Come the morning Luddy was already on the canoe paddling through the calm waters of Padar beach. Done canoeing we moved on to our next destination, Loh Buaya to see some more Komodos! We were served Florisian pancakes by our chef on-board.



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